Congratulations! This is a really special and exciting time!

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help with a few helpful starting points:

    • Find an LMC (Lead maternity care or midwife). Click here to go to ‘Find your midwife page’
    • Join Multiples Bay of Plenty Come be part of the community and if you join up while you are pregnant you have the advantage of coming along to playgroups and events, meeting other Mums and start to develop long-lasting relationships. You will have the benefit of asking questions and seeking helpful information and tips via on our private Facebook group. If you become a premium member before your little ones arrive we hold antenatal information evenings for Mums and partners every 3 months, you will also have the added advantage of one free box of newborn Huggies nappies and the provision of some cooked meals when your babies are born.
  • If you are having multiples and have another child under the age of 5 years at the time of birth you may be eligible for home help from Work and Income, click the link and take a look.