Did you know you may be eligible for home help?

You are most likely eligible if:

  • You have given birth to twins or adopted two children from the same pregnancy AND have another child in your care under the age of five years old, OR
  • You have given birth to or have adopted triplets, or higher order multiples (you do not have to have another child in your care to qualify), AND
  • You are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, AND
  • You normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here.

Parents who have given birth to, or have adopted, twins can get 240 hours to be used within 12 months. Those who have given birth to, or adopted, triplets or more are entitled to 1560 hours, to be used within 24 months. Home help is granted from the date that the babies are born if they are born at home, or from the date that they are discharged from the hospital.

You may use your allotted hours in any way that suits your family needs, i.e. short term full-time help or longer term part-time help. However, there is no further entitlement once the hours are used up or once the maximum period has ended.

The home helper can be self-employed, employed by the client, employed by a home help agency or employed by the District Health Board.

The home helper can be, but is not limited to, the partner, an immediate family member or an occupant of the same home as the woman who has given birth to or adopted multiples.

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