Multiples New Zealand endorses the World Health Organisation International Code of Breast Milk Substitutes and, while we agree that breastfeeding is the best form of infant nutrition available, we support the members of Multiples Bay of Plenty in whatever decision you make. For those who choose to use a breast milk substitute (formula), products can be purchased directly from the following manufacturers.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will be required to supply a letter from Plunket or another health professional to verify that you are a parent of multiples and have chosen to formula feed. You will also need to supply proof of membership in the form of a copy of your membership email that contains your membership card.

Heinz-Watties (Nuture)

Customers who can verify that they have twins, triplets or higher order multiples can be offered direct pricing on Nuture formula. In order to purchase Nuture formula, you must include a letter from your healthcare provider stating that you have multiples (specify which form of multiples), and that you have chosen to formula feed.

More details and the Nuture pricelist is available on the Multiples New Zealand website (

Nuture formula range includes:

    • Nuture Starter
    • Nuture Gold Starter
    • Nuture Plus
    • Nuture Follow On
    • Nuture Gold Follow On
    • Nuture Toddler
    • Nuture Gold Toddler

Nutricia (Karicare)

Customers who can verify that they have twins, triplets or higher order multiples can be offered special, direct pricing on Karicare formula.  In order to purchase Karicare infant formula (0-6 months) you must provide a copy of your childrens’ birth certificates, and a letter from your healthcare provider.

More information and a copy of the Karicare policy, prices and application form on the Multiples New Zealand Google drive (

Karicare formula range includes:

    • Karicare Infant 1, Karicare Gold Plus 1, Karicare Goat 1
    • Karicare Follow-On 2, Karicare Gold Plus Follow-On 2, Karicare Goat Follow-On 2
    • Karicare Toddler Milk 3, Karicare Gold Plus Toddler 3, Karicare Gold Plus Junior
    • Karicare Soy All Ages, Karicare All Ages AR, Karicare All Ages De-Lact, Karicare All Ages HA


Anmum Paediatric Formula Range

Anmum is the Paediatric Formula range from Fonterra. With a letter from a health care professional stating that you have made an informed decision to formula feed, you can access a 25% discount through Mighty Ape. The letter must include verification of multiple birth. Include your phone number or email address and the discount code will be provided once the above information has been received.

It is preferred if you send this information via email to

Anmum formula range includes:

    • NeoPro 1 ( 0 – 6 months )
    • NeoPro 2 ( 6 – 12 months )
    • PediaPro3 ( 12 months + )